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10 Best Noctis Cosplay

Final Fantasy has captured ours hears all over the world, its safe to say its one of the best games all-time for all people. And what stuck to us in particular ar the characters. Noctis Lucis Caelum or Noctis for short is a prince in Final Fantasy 15 who lost his kingdom and now has to fight to get it back with a band of friends.

1.In the Cold

If you play Final Fantasy 15 The moment when Prompto Argentum got lost the whole team went struggling to look for him(even though it turned our to be DLC From battling frost demons and fateful encounters with Ardyn. The cosplay show of Noctis show to crystal prince in the cold-fighting against a mountain of adversary all for his lost kingdom.

2.In the Fray

As the whole world in Final Fantasy 15 is pretty much immersive. Who would ever know the driving around could be relaxing. Well, Final Fantasy 15 bought a much need refreshment to the Final Fantasy world. Well with traversing the whole world you fighting a lot and fight with a band of brotherhood. This Noctis cosplay wielding the multi-weapon in motion fighting what…who knows.

3.The King at Work

Its been 15 years of Noctis being engraved by the crystal to emerging into the revelation of Bahamut. He emerges as lost but knows deep down what he has to do for his kingdom, his people and the world. Upon remeeting the brotherhood, they have the last supper and fight one more battle for the fate of world to save the world from darkness the showdown with Ardyn begins. Noctis kingly raiment cosplay shows the depth of what our king has to go through and battles that await him.

4.Prince-like to eat

A found a new recipe! Upon the amazing game of Final Fantasy 15, you eat many different foods, the art of what you can eat is visually appealing and make the whole Final Fantasy 15 world immersive. And the cosplay here show the enthusiasm of Noctis and grew late-night driving stopping at diner eat and sleep and back to the whole world.

5.Scrolling Lestallum

Dawn, Sunrise, Morning, Sunset…then night. The nightlife at Lestallum looks cool you’re somewhere in Europe in Madrid. Noctis scrolling the streets eating ramen with the bros before going off and completing some dungeon or upgrading new weapons and collecting Royal Arms.

6. I like to Fish


7. Its been a Long Day of Training

Its been a long day, training to get growing my AP and gathering Gil for armor and weapons. You have to rest. If you played Final Fantasy 15 you have to rest and gain the experience. Also depends where you rest to gain a multiplier of the experience before you rest. But sometimes you don’t have time to rest at the high-end spots and just the average place to rest is good enough.

8. Hanging out with Girl

Expect for the Regalia, its the Audi. To be honest, Audi has a close resemblance to Regalia. Anyway, with his beloved future wife. Maybe their in Insomnia who knows this Noctis cosplay shows the Prince hanging and looking cool.

9. I hold the Ring of Power

The gift from the Father. Noctis holds the powerful Lucii Ring to absorbs the life source from his enemies. However, only those carrying royal blood can wield the ring and comes at a cost. Can the Prince carry the cost for Kingdom and save the world.

10. The Happy Ending

The faithful fight with Ardyn. Off to the afterlife? Did he die, was it an illusion. Who knows! One thing is for sure and King and his Queen are together to live happily ever after.

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